SOLIDWORKS User Group of Nebraska

An independent SOLIDWORKS User Group for Central and Eastern Nebraska. All SOLIDWORKS users are welcome.

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06:00 PM - 08:00 PM
2 Hours 0 Minutes
Innovation Studio

Meeting AGENDA
Meeting Agenda 5:50pm – 6:00pm Arrive at Innovation Studio/Networking 6:00pm – 6:10pm SWUGONE Comments/Introductions/Dinner - (Food provided) We will discuss plans for the group for this year – Presentations, Activities, Meals, and more! 6:10pm – 6:50pm Tour of Innovation Studio Guided by: Jerry Reif, Shop Manager Overview: Get a look behind the scenes at all of the amazing equipment that is available at Innovation Studio. Find out how you can get involved and start developing your new concepts. 6:50pm – 7:50pm How Does SOLIDWORKS “Think”? Presented by: Matt Kusz, Application Engineer - Alignex Overview: How much do you really know about what is going on “behind the scenes” as you are working with SOLIDWORKS? The more you know about how SOLIDWORKS processes your inputs, and the more you know about the output, the smarter and more efficient you can work! 7:50pm – 8:00pm Wrap up & Giveaways

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Attend the June 11, 2019 meeting