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Panama City Beach SOLIDWORKS User Group

Panama City Beach, FL - United States

Description: A multi-diverse group of Drafters, Designers and Engineers that range from DoD, DoD Contractors and Commercial Industry. A group to link SOLIDWORKS professionals in the Panama City Beach area, to share tips-n-tricks and common practices using SOLIDWORKS. This is a great way to connect SOLIDWORKS users with their professional peers in the industry.
Contact: Kendra Wardlow
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Next Meeting

Date: 08-09-2016
Time: 05:00 PM - 08:00 PM
Length: 3 Hours 0 Minutes
Location: Dave & Buster's
Map of 15701 LC Hilton Jr Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32413

The next PCBSWUG meeting will be our “Mini-SOLIDWORKS World” event on August 9th from 5 to 8 p.m. at Dave & Buster’s Pier Park. We will have Four-Cheese Pizza Bites with Basil Pesto, Crispy Chicken Bites with Chipotle Honey Sauce, Bar Burgers, Veggie Lawnmower Salad, Baked Mac and Cheese, Assorted Cookies and Brownies and Unlimited Soda. We’ll each have a Power Card with 48 chips and Unlimited Video Game play for the rest of the evening! And as always, we will have lots of great giveaways from SOLIDWORKS and RAPID.

  • Rachel York, Community & User Advocacy Manger for SOLIDWORKS, will discuss “Everything you need to know about SOLIDWORKS, minus SOLIDWORKS.” J

Rachel has seen SOLIDWORKS from a few different angles – from a user to a user group leader to technical support and training to sales and marketing. Taking notes from each perspective, this presentation will introduce you to daily usage tools and tips and tricks every SOLIDWORKS user – beginner to expert – should know to make their daily SOLIDWORKS routine more efficient and exciting!
We’ll take a look at:

·         How to navigate and maintain your files without losing your references (if you’re not in a SOLIDWORKS PDM environment).

·         How to capture and share your SOLIDWORKS settings.

·         How to automate and schedule some of those repetitive tasks, and even create your own simple, customized scripts.

·         How to customize and add part numbers to your toolbox hardware.

·         How to maintain and troubleshoot day-to-day usage of the software so that you can quickly and effectively communicate with your internal IT department, colleagues, and support staff.

What if I cannot attend after I've already submitted a RSVP?

Please let me know as soon as possible if you find will not be able to attend after submitting your RSVP. Space may be limited for this event and your spot could be utilized by another member. Once I give the final headcount to D&B, SOLIDWORKS is paying for that many to be there; let’s be respectful to SOLIDWORKS for allowing us this great opportunity! Thank you in advance!!



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