SWUGN Charter

The SolidWorks User Group Network

The purpose of the SolidWorks User Group Network committee is to assist in the development, support and continuation of local SolidWorks users group chapters for the purpose of promoting the free exchange of information related to the use of SolidWorks. SWUGN provides a national forum where local chapters can go to gain or share information through a web site or direct contact with the board members as it relates to SolidWorks Corporation or their chapter.

Board Membership
  • Board membership is an elected, voluntary position.
  • SWUGN Committee elections are held each year, and members serve two-year terms.
  • SWUGN Committee elections are held each year, and members serve two-year terms.
  • SWUGN board members will on a quarterly basis meet via teleconferencing to address issues related to SolidWorks Corporation and the local chapters.
  • SWUGN will host a member meeting, open to all SolidWorks users attending the annual SolidWorks World Conference.
  • A meeting agenda will be planned in advance with input from local chapters and SolidWorks Corporation.
  • A time will be designated for open forum/discussion on subjects related to users groups or SolidWorks.
Problem Solving
  • Board members will use their best faith efforts to assist with the formation and start of new chapters.
  • Through its web site, SWUGN will provide sample start up information for new chapters.
  • The SWUGN web site will host a location for users to post questions related to use of SolidWorks.
  • All SWUGN board members will be available on an individual basis to provide practical information regarding agendas, sponsorship, database of speakers, events or new ideas.

Signed by the founding members of the SolidWorks National Users Group Committee on March 7, 2000:

  • Scott Bemis
  • Richard Doyle
  • Mark Peters
  • Michelle Pillers