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Welcome to the Northern Vermont SOLIDWORKS User Group Website. The Northern Vermont SOLIDWORKS User Group (NVTSWUG) was founded in December of 2004. The group’s goal is to provide an environment in which the members can advance their knowledge and abilities in SOLIDWORKS and other related products and technologies. The group also provides a great source for networking. The group is run entirely by member volunteers. Our membership is made up of designers, engineers and CAD specialist who use or have an interest in SOLIDWORKS 3D solid modeling software. Our meetings are held on week nights and generally run from 5:30pm - 9:00pm. Dinner and refreshments are provided at every meeting. Meetings are open to SOLIDWORKS customers, prospective customers, engineering students and people interested in CAD design. All meetings and membership in the group are free.

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06:00 PM - 09:00 PM
3 Hours 0 Minutes
Craig Lalumiere

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"Designing Weldments & Structures with Extra tips & Info" By Bruce Holway. This is a fantastic presentation was presented at 3DExperience World 2020 this past February. You will gain valuable experience using both SOLIDWORKS traditional Weldments as well as the new Structure Systems functionality. Bruce will present the benefits and limitations of Weldments vs. Structure Systems plus a whole host of additional tips and info. At the conclusion of the presentation, you'll be better prepared to judge the proper modeling methodology to employ in your future frame and structural design projects. This is a presentation not to be missed. Bruce is the R&D Product Definition Director at SOLIDWORKS. Bruce has managed the SOLIDWORKS Product Definition team for over a decade and is a regular presenter at many Dassault Systemes events. He's worked both within the CAD software industry and outside as an engineering manager utilizing CAD and software tools to lead the design and manufacture of various products. He holds an MSME from Georgia Tech.

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Attend the October 26, 2020 meeting