West Michigan Lakeshore SOLIDWORKS Users Group

The purpose of the West Michigan Lakeshore SOLIDWORKS User Group (WMLSUG) is to promote the free exchange of information related to the use of SOLIDWORKS and related products among the membership of the user group. It provides a forum in which the membership can assist each other in furthering their knowledge about and advancing their abilities in the use of SOLIDWORKS. User Participation: Our intention is to provide an open forum that is guided by the users involved for their own education and advancement revolving around the use of SOLIDWORKS in the professional environment. This can take the form of presenting topics, submitting information to WMLSUG for discussion or participating in the user group meetings. WMLSUG encourages any and all user participation from SOLIDWORKS users in the area as well as other user groups in helping shape and grow the WMLSUG user group to fit the needs of the community.

Next meeting

05:00 PM - 09:00 PM
4 Hours 0 Minutes
Fogg Filler

Meeting AGENDA
Session 1: Assemblies Basic Surfacing Basic Admin Files (Templates, Sheet Formats, etc): Q & A SW CAM/CAMWorks SW Electrical Session 2: Assemblies Advanced Surfacing Advanced SW CAM/CAMWorks Admin Task Scheduler: Q & A

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Fogg Filler


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Logicraft Industrial Systems

Attend the September 19, 2019 meeting