Getting Started

The user group "Starter Kit" was developed by the SWUGN committee to make it easier to start a local user group. With the help of current and past user group leaders, this document has evolved from a collection of documents into one single resource. If you are considering starting a local user group, download and read the "Starter Kit" document first.

Getting Help

Contact the SWUGN representative in your region for assistance with your first meeting. The SWUGN committee is comprised of current and former user group leaders, and each committee member is familiar with how important that first meeting is.

Your First Meeting

Your first user group meeting is very important, and will help set the direction of your group. Define an agenda that will be engaging to your attendees, but leave some time to discuss among your members what you hope to accomplish long term with your user group. Meeting frequency, meeting times, and meeting locations are all important subjects that should be addressed.